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CSS: Why isn't "position: absolute" working?

I would like to post my projects on my website. Before I do that, I want a good way to display them on the "portfolio" page. I've been playing around with some options and decided to create "tiles" that would show "See More" when the user hovers over them. I'm a fan of using the least amount of languages possible in code (for simplicity). Therefore, I really wanted to do this with CSS only.

This is the HTML code:
<section class="tile"> <h1>Lorem Ipsum</h1> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed ac feugiat tellus. Donec vestibulum dictum lacus, vitae eleifend erat fringilla eget. Morbi congue efficitur varius. Nunc nibh tellus, gravida ac turpis sit amet, hendrerit commodo est. Cras dignissim a dolor at congue. Aliquam ultrices maximus mi. Sed sit amet eleifend enim. Curabitur mattis dolor purus, quis egestas lorem hendrerit vitae. Proin vel rhoncus dui. Nulla sodales, leo ut imperdiet …

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