Experiences Part 0: Introduction

I'm passionate about everything. It's difficult to pinpoint what type of career I'm looking for, because I want to do everything! I decided that it would be a good to review positions I've had and see what aspects I loved most about each position.

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Rather than just a paycheck, I hope to find a position where I'm eager to begin working each morning. A position that I'm passionate about will be the one where I'll have the greatest impact and be the strongest asset to the company.

When you're graduating, there are so many job opportunities and recruiters getting in contact with you. It can be overwhelming to decide what opportunities to pursue. It's in the best interest of both you and your future employer to know what you're looking for.

I was going to write this in a notebook, but I realized that my experience may benefit someone else. Perhaps a potential employer will get to know more about me and determine if I'm a good match. Perhaps another student is wondering which positions to pursue. By writing this, I hope to benefit someone else who is hoping to gain clarity on what they're looking for.

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