Experiences: The Conclusion

After reflecting on my work experiences, I've realized that I'd be most successful in a career with variety. I love engineering and solving problems. The ideal position would have me involved with several projects at once.

What I've Loved About Past Jobs:

  • Working on a variety projects
  • Fast-paced work environments
  • Learning new things
  • Being challenged
  • Designing software and managing projects
  • Leadership and management
  • Working with customers
  • Organizing systems
  • Focusing on efficiency
I thrive in energetic environments. A job that is sometimes stressful is better than a job that is boring. Making an impact and seeing progress is something that is essential for me to love my career. With that said, I would probably do well in a position at a start-up or other fast-paced work environment.

I love people and leadership. A position that has me leading, managing projects, and interacting with clients would be a dream come true.

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