Transferring a Domain Name

I've been using as my domain registrar for the past few years. They are acceptable, but I've had a few issues and wanted to see how another registrar compared.  I love Google, so I decided to use Google Domains.

The main feature that attracted me to Google's domain service was that WHOIS privacy protection is included in the yearly price ($12/year). This is cheaper than what I'm paying now for WHOIS and domain registration with

I've been interested in switching registrars for years, but I've always held back because I thought it would be super complicated. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is fairly painless and doesn't take much time. It should be noted that I was only transferring the domain name. I didn't care about settings or anything else.

I tried this process with my domain,  Below are the steps I took:

Preparing Domain for Transfer:

The first thing that I did was log into my account and view my domains.  After I found the domain I wanted to transfer, I made sure WHOIS privacy wasn't enabled and that the domain was unlocked.

I also retrieved the Transfer Auth Code needed to authorize a transfer.

Transferring Domain:

To transfer dosmin to Google Domains, I went to the Google Domains registrar page.  I selected the "Transfer in" tab on the side and entered "" in the field.  Google Domains verified that was unlocked and WHOIS protection was set to "public".

Afterwards, I was asked if I wanted to import my domain's settings.  I haven't been actively using this domain, so I chose not to import any settings.  I'm not sure what extra steps would have been involved if I had wanted to keep settings.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Google Domains adds their year of service to the rest of the year I had with  I'm not sure if all registrars do that, but I assumed that I would need to renew my service next year (October 2017) but I'm registered until May 2018.

When entering ICANN information, I was sure to make my information private.  I have had domains without WHOIS protection in the past, and the amount of telemarketers and junk-mail I get is BAD. I don't recommend having public WHOIS information.

After completing the purchase, all that was left was to check my emails for confirmation and a few final steps (basically clicking "Transfer" a few times). I was quite impressed by how simple the whole process was. I've been afraid of nothing for all these years!

Admittedly, the fact that isn't one of my active websites probably made the process way easier. If I like using Google Domains, I will probably end up transferring the rest of my domains over.

I love Google, so I'm extremely excited to see how Google Domains compares!

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